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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Lost Session

No one can remember exactly when the Lost Session took place. Bim was in charge of the Bible, and like usual, forgot to bring it to the meeting. Instead, notes were scratched onto the back of some centuries old parchment before being lost forever, or so we thought. It was months later that this relic was discovered, and the beers tasted were revealed. The ancient scroll started with Abita's Andygator Helles Dopplebock (8%). The smell on this was not right, but the taste was OK. Not as strong as we expect from a dopplebock, but a tasty beer nonetheless, rating a good. BrewDog's Rip Tide Stout (8%) was described as "twisted, merciless stout" on the bottle. As you local readers know, RipTide is the freakish mascot for the Norfolk Tides baseball team. He is certainly twisted and merciless, as his schtick is to terrorize small children with his retarded Barney act, then blast the shit out of them with a tee shirt cannon. Like the retarded grape ape, we were not impressed with this beer and rated it a so/so. The final beer of the night was Widmer Brothers Reserve Cherry Oak Dopplebock (9%). This was a really good beer. The cherries were not overwhelming, giving it a slight sweetness that really set the beer off. The only downside was that there were pieces of the brewmasters epidermis floating around in the bottle, but we've seen worse! And so the forgotten night shall live in infamy!


BO1 said...

Where the heck is the review of the Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink the Bismark. Get off the couch and finish the blog!

Anonymous said...

What does "through the anals of history" mean?