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We are still alive!!! Despite a prolonged absence, we are alive and well. It takes a lot of work to keep our fans entertained, and to be honest, we are the laziest fuckers you will ever meet. That, and the fact that we have 3 members who are retarded and only 2 who are functionally literate, and you can see how this is such a chore. We are basically no smarter than a hoard of howler monkeys

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bim's Halloween Surprise

As the lazy days of summer fade into autumn, the weather turns a bit cooler and the nights grow longer and longer, yet the boys at the BC4M never cease in their endless drinking shenanigans. Thankfully the arrival of the "It's a tad bit nipply" weather has caused Snake to give up his habit of showing up to meetings in his "man hammock". This week we decided to do a Sunday meeting so we could watch some football while rating some beers. Halloween was the next night, so Bim decided to get in the spirit a little early by deciding to reveal to us one of his funniest halloween stories. It seems that a few years back, when our neighborhood was first being built, he was the lone purveyor of candy for the greedy little devils that come around begging for handouts. Bim, always looking for new and imaginative ways to delight the kiddies, decided that particular year to give out "wax lips" candy while simultaneously killing off a case of King Cobra malt liquor dressed only in his bathrobe. As it turns out, the candy wasn't the hit he thought it would be, nor was the sight of his pecker gift wrapped with a free package of wax lips. Sometime towards the end of the evening, a pair of what appeared to the now shithoused Bim to be college age girls had shown up looking for some "goodies" and were shocked to see him parading his "Lt Dangle" around for all to see. "Aren't you girls a bit old to be out trick or treating?" asked a suddenly aroused Bim. "What the fuck kinda candy is that you sick fuck?" one of them shrieked, while the other one blasted Bim with f-bombs at the sight of his "perverted old fuck" costume. They promptly ran away but came back a short while later and peppered the front of Bim's house with slightly used toilet paper. Bim, himself fresh off the crapper from dropping a deuce and a half, took off like a naked maniac in pursuit. Luckily, the girls narrowly escaped into the woods due to Bim's tragic encounter with some briars that caused him to lose almost a half pint of blood before he could quell the bleeding, although he did threaten them with his "fleshlight and back door dance" if they ever came back around. Bim eventually made it back home and passed out on the couch, and thankfully, no one was the wiser for his antics. He no longer gives out candy and instead spends most halloweens giving prostate exams at the local free clinic. To set the mood of the meeting off right, Fred decided a Weyerbacher Romeo (8.0%) was in order, "to celebrate our naked heartthrob". This is a Belgian strong ale that is sweet like a quad and thick like cough syrup. The belgian yeast shines through the slight heat from the alcohol and leaves it a bit boring. So so at best, we then pulled out the Mikkeller Black Hole Stout (13.1%) series to do a side by side tasting. The boys at Mikkeller take their phenomenal Black Hole Stout and then age it in different barrel styles to give it a unique taste. We had acquired 6 of the 7 different bottles and decided now was a perfect time to try them. First up was the Tequila Barrel, a super sweet, intense agave flavor that poured through the thick dark stout roastiness and garnered a really good. Next was the Cognac Barrel, which had a real smooth velvety finish that had subtle hints of the brandy character of the aging barrels. Another really good, we then tried both the Red Wine Barrel and White Wine Barrel, each of which was imparted a noticeable tart note from the wine. Both were solid but thin, so each received a good. Bourbon Barrel was then opened and it had the distinctive sour mash flavor from a fine bourbon but the profile was turned down a notch and it didn't hit your tongue with the fire that is present is most good bourbons. Another solid good, we then got a huge kick to the stomach when we tried the Scotch Whiskey Barrel version. Imagine taking a band-aid and then throwing it in a campfire, dousing the fire with sea salt and then pouring the wet remains into a bottle. This tasted worse than that sounds and was simply awful. "I would rather chew on a newborns wet diaper than drink another sip of this gasoline" said Bim as Snake chimed in, "This tastes like a used diaphragm, a really used one". This was a quick drain pour and received a sucks for good measure. To hopefully finish the day on a good note, we then tried a Mikkeller It's Alive! (8.0%). This one is classified as a Belgian Strong Pale Ale, but its more gueuze/lambic tasting to us. Lots of barnyard funk and lemon zest smack you at first followed by a very slight sour note that was a welcome respite from the liquid ashtray that had just annihilated our tongues. Definitely worth a try, this one got a really good. Since Snake had to leave for a "financial planning" session at the oceanfront later that afternoon, we decided to adjourn the meeting with plans on having a blowout the following weekend. Just remember kids, when you're out trick or treating and you happen to come across a clown with big red as fast as you can and never look might be Bim and his fleshlight.....