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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rogue trip to Baltimore/Rehobeth Beach

While on a prison furlough, I, Bim gathered the ole lady, put on our best hippy clothes and hitchhiked up to Baltimore for some fun in this US version of an urban warzone. First stop was the Pub Dog pub. This place is cool. Lots of old woodwork, cool bartenders (Theresa and Phil), and, most importantly, surprisingly good beer. Back in the day, you could bring your dog here and drink beer with her. If your dog was a lush, you may even get lucky. Dogs are no longer allowed, but eyeing some of the patrons, you could hardly tell. Since I was alone, these beers cannot be officially rated. That said, these are the beers I tasted and my lone opinions: Imperial Dog, a very decent Imperial IPA; Brown Dog, a medium bodied brown ale, good session beer; Black Dog, their Irish stout, that was OK but light; and the Boxer, a half stout, half blueberry, that sounds awful, but tasted very good. My hats off to this place. The beers were good, they don't serve Bud Light, and there was a scarcity of douchebags in the place.

Next up was a trip over to a place called The Brewers Art. First impression on a Friday night, was that it was like a gay bar, with only 2 women in site, one of whom was with me. It was crowded with a hipster and wannabe crowd, and the bartender was visibly pissed when I ordered a flight of their self-brewed beers (as if to say, "another fucking tourist..."). I'm the one who should of been pissed after discovering that most of them tasted like shit. They brew a beer called Ressurection Ale, which is probably their best known and best tasting beer. I liked it a lot, and apparently it's available in cans, but no one I spoke to could tell me where to get some. The other beers are listed in the order of their suckiness, in a new, unofficial rating scale:
Resurrection: Tasty
Ozzie: Horse Shit
Proletary Ale: Dog Shit
Beacon: 200 yr old Bigfoot shit

And finally, it was off to Rehobeth Beach and the Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats. I felt a little out of place in Rehobeth, as I am neither gay nor lesbian. That said, who doesn't love a lesbian town with the best beer bar on the east coast? At Dog Fish Head we sampled the following beers: Quartier Rouge (9.4%) a delightful red tripel with guarana (same shit that in all those energy drinks) and grains of paradise (which I think could be a code word for some foul body fluid). Octoberfest (7.5%) was about the best of this variety I've ever had. Bed Burglar (6.6%) is a amber ale brewed with Nelson Sauvin hops, and had a weird name and was too sweet. It reminded me of my buddy Antoine Dodson. Shark Beer (4.5%) was wet-hopped water and was really awful. Odd-Ummmm (7.5%) is brewed with peaches, honey , and the other usual ingredients and was delicious. DFH Ale (9.5%) is an imperial IPA with "the body of a 60, the strength of a 90, and the hops of a 120". I really liked this one. But my favorite of the night was the Billy Budd (14%). This monster combines 120 min IPA, Indian Brown Ale, and Palo Santo Marron. It sounds like an odd mix, but the end result was fantastic. Unfortunately, none of these were available in bottles, so I guess it will mean a return trip!

We have been drinking whales recently, so stay tuned for some new posts. Until then, Cheers!


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