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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Johnny Wilder turns 39

Another day, another birthday in the hood, this time it was BC4M Founding Father Johnny Wilder celebrating his final year before hitting the big 4-0. As most of our loyal readers know, Johnny spends most of his days criss-crossing the Mid-Atlantic region of this fine country drinking the afternoon away while hawking the latest in feminine protection products including his latest multi-platinum best seller, some sort of safe  tanning item called the Va-JJ Visor. Johnny, who's mobile "sales lab" allows him the privacy to demonstrate to his clients how to properly apply the product, was just back from a week long sales trip in ski country where he narrowly escaped the loss of his left nut from frostbite after spending a booze filled night hopping from hot tub to hot tub trying to convince a group of promiscuous Amish girls that they each needed a Va-JJ visor. Since Johnny likes his beers like Bim likes his women, namely dark, thick, sultry and full of ass, the boys of the BC4M decided to have a stout night in his honor. You put Bim in a room full of Nubian queens and he becomes as happy as a hungry infant in a titty bar. Fred had assembled a nice selection of big beers for us to try so we all gathered on his deck on a recent Sunday afternoon with not a cloud in the sky although the weather was a bit nipply. Eager to get the tastings started, we opened a pair of beers from Dark Horse, Plead the 5th (12.0%) and Barrel Aged Plead the 5th (14.0%). Both beers are very highly rated on both Beer Advocate and Rate Beer and although the regular Plead was dark and flavorful, it was a bit thin so it rated only a good, while the barrel aged version had a nice big boozy profile followed by an intense dark chocolate ending that got earned it a really good. Next we tried an Olde Hickory The Event Horizon (2011) (8.5%). Sweet, decadent and full of cocoa the taste of this one lingers on the back of your tongue like the heat from a bucket of spicy hot wings you just inhaled. Next up was a Three Floyd's Baller Stout (13.8%). This one is their 15th Anniversary beer which is a blend of Dark Lord, Surly Darkness, De Struise Black Albert, and Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch and it was in the words of the always hard to impress Fred, "fucking phenomenal", while Snake added, " I'll throw the gauntlet down and say this is an RFG boys". Easily one of the best examples of a Russian Imperial Stout, it had massive amounts of roast flavors with a heavy dose of palate coating chocolate, coffee and caramel all swirled into one fantastic brew. We agreed, it was definitely an RFG, so we moved on to a beer Johnny brought, a Roth Brewing Dark Construct (7.3%), a  milk/sweet stout that held a lot of promise but promptly failed to deliver anything but a case of the "what the fuck is this shit?" from Bim and Fred. Even the always cheerful Snake remarked, "I'm sure as hell glad I didn't pay for that". Lacking any solid characteristics other than dark coloring, it was a drain pour from the start and rated a sucks. To wash the taste off our tongues we pried open a previously RFG rated Goose Island Bramble Rye Bourbon County Stout (12.5%) since Snake and Bim had never tried it. "Holy shit that is good" said Snake, while Bim added, "Fruity, like Bikram the flaming yoga instructor at my gym, but still fucking amazing" While we savored this remarkable beer, we were soon visited by a pair of carpenter bees that seemed eager to join the party. Bim, from his years treating fungal infections among the hundreds of migrant spinach and tomato pickers he sees monthly had developed a deadly allergy to certain insects, including bees. He anxiously began twisting and turning like an epileptic after shotgunning a case of Red Bull trying to keep his eyes on the bees at all times. We then decided to open up a special surprise for Wilder, the previously RRFG (that's Really Really Fucking Good), The Bruery Chocolate Rain (18.5%). Like manna delivered from heaven, this is the BC4M highest rated beer, a delicious, sweet booze filled trip reminiscent of the chocolate river in Willy Wonka's diabetes factory. While we each got a generous pour, Bim, who's weak bladder (a result of his being attacked by a horny labrador that was angry with Bim for messing with his lady friend) was off to take a piss break. While he was gone, we poured the remains of the Chocolate Rain into another glass and replaced it with a nice bottle of chocolate ex-lax. When Bim returned, he eyed the bottle of Chocolate Rain and said, "holy shit, there's some left?" and we watched in mock horror as he proceeded to promptly chug it down.

By this time we were feeling good so we opened a Jester King Black Metal (10.4%). This is the retired version of their famous Russian Imperial Stout with a sweet ass label that reminded us of K.I.S.S. guitarist Ace Frehley. "I'm feeling like some Detroit Rock City motherfuckers" said a smiling J. Wild. We passed the bottle around and discovered a full bodied, syrupy concoction that struck a nice balance between roastiness and chocolate malt that rated a really good. By this time, the bees had encroached upon our position a little too close for comfort, so an angry Bim hopped out of his chair and did his best Chuck Norris / Karate Kid  impersonation and proceeded to punch and kick at the interlopers until evidently the ex-lax had kicked in as he stumbled onto the ground and unleashed a toxic gas cloud that cleared us off the deck and running for fresh air. "What the fuck did you eat motherfucker, a can of dog shit? " asked Snake, while a suddenly laughing hysterically Bim sheepishly said, "I sharted myself! as he ran and took a dive in Fred's pool to clean himself up. "Might as well fill it with concrete" Fred said about his now defiled pool, "cause ain't no amount of pool shock can fix that problem". As we watched Bim struggle to drag his freezing ass out of the water, we poured one final beer to toast our afternoon, Fifty Fifty Brewing Eclipse Brewmaster's Grand Cru (9.5%). This one is a combination of their various barrel aged treatments and while it was full of bourbon goodness it didn't stand up as well as the 20yr Elijah Craig version and only rated a good. While Fred waited for the E.P.A. to arrive to try and contain the noxious fumes that Bim had deposited over his backyard, the rest of us went home, smelling like a rabid skunk had mated with us....Until next time...think twice before someone offers you some Chocolate Rain


Anonymous said...

You guys suck!

Beer Club 4 Men said...

You sir are totally correct. We suck balls, donkey dicks, you get the idea. How dare these old fuckers drink Chocolate Rain like it's some 40 oz Steel Reserve! However, I fear you may have stumbled onto the wrong web site. Might you have meant to have visited our "sister" website, The Bear Club For Men? ( These big hairy gay men truly suck dicks, among other things. What they don't do, is drink really great beer. They know what a golden shower is, but have never heard of Chocolate Rain ("Is that a golden shower from Magic Johnson?"). We apologize for being so awesome and so humble! Please forgive us. But rest assured, we will strive to continue bringing you the most inappropriate and tasteless beer blog bullshit on the web. Thanks for reading it.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw this Johnny creep parked in front of Great Bridge Highschool for about two hours after school let out. Is this guy a registered sex offender?
I also suggest he take the "Obama/Biden '08" sticker of the bumper of his Chevy Vega.

Anonymous said...

I take great offense to that "anonymous" comment!!! I just want you to know I would NEVER and I mean NEVER ever drive a car that didn't offer an early 70's big block V8 option!! I need way more than a 140ci 6cylinder!!!

Sincerely classy,
Johnny Wilder

Anonymous said...

This blog sucks so much I'm considering quitting drinking, but the thought of being on A&E's Intervention and having to look at interventionist Candy Finnigan's bacon neck is enough to keep me on the sauce.

Beer Club 4 Men said...


Iluvthebirch said...

How do you guys do all this from your moms basement?