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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day Special

In honor of Valentine's Day, Johnny and his Wife hosted a BC4M/WC4W (Wine Club for Women) joint party. The beers varied, with some very unique brews. We started the night with Winterfest Lager Double Bock (7.5%), from the Joseph Brau Brewing Co. This was a very smooth, sweet, double, and earned a good. That was followed by Bell's Consecrator Dopplebock (8%). This one had a very sweet, grape flavor, which was too much for our girly palates. It earned a so/so. Victory's St. Victorious Doppleback (8.5%) was a good follow-up. It was described as sweetly delicious, although I really doubt that there is a St. Victorious. Next came one of the best canned beers ever made, the Oscar Blues Mama's Little Yellow Pils (5.3%). Not a RFG, but a solid good. By now we'd had some real good beers, and no dogs. That was about to end. Unibroue provided us with that dog. The Trois Pistoles (9%) was aweful. As one member stated, "these fucks should be embarassed to charge money for this shit". Bells Two Hearted IPA (7.0%) had a very cool label, and the beer was pretty good too, earning a good. Next came a couple of Dogfish Head beers. Dogfish Head Red and White (10%) was a very nice beer. Dogfish does it again! Dogfish Head Black and Blue (10%) was another winner. It was a little too blueberry for 10pm, but the rest of the group gave it a good. Brew Dog Hardcore IPA (9%) was next. Thie beer had very little hop scent, but plenty of hop flavor. It was given a good. We ended the night with a Les Deux Brasseurs Belgian Ale (8.5%). There was no comments regarding this beer, but one can assume that it wasn't terrible, or you'd know it!


krazyitalianirish said...

Although slightly tipsily from a few previous ales, I sampled Mama's Little Yella Pils last night. Thought it had some great taste for a pilsner. Seemed crisp and had maybe a bit of a spicy finish? Anyway, the crafty name brings a grin, for sure. This would be a treat on a hot summer day!