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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

The CHC (Carriage House Commons) has a New Years Eve crawl that goes from house to house. It's a legendary party, the biggest one of the year for our neighborhood. This years crawl (the 5th anniversary), the BC4M decided that it's members would each have a new beer to try out. The unfortunate thing is that massive amounts of alcohol are usually consumed at these parties, making it especially hard to do any objective judging. That never stopped us though, so we barreled ahead. I have no idea who had what beer, but here they are: First stop, Fred's house for Terrapin Midnight Project Brew 2, Depth Charge (7.0%). This was an expresso milk stout, and the members found it to be good. Next up was 10pm and his Brooklyn Brewery's Black Chocolate Stout (1o.1%). Even at that high an ABV the members found it to be bitter and a little harsh. It only rated a so/so. Third up was J. Wilders contribution of Allagash Victoria Ale (9%). This brew was sweet but smooth, and rated a good. Bim Bim produced the next two, a bottle of New Belgium 1554 Enlightened Black Ale (5.6%) which was very smooth, and rated a good and Dragon's Milk, (9.0%) an ale aged in oak barrels and it really had s bourbon/oak flavor. The group gave it a good. Snake presented us with Scaldis Noel (13%). This corked, bottle fermented brew had an alcohol level of 13%, and was a crowd pleaser, earning the coveted RFG. From this point the night gets a little hazy. No one can remember exactly what, if any beers were sampled later that night, and the Beer Bible is of no help, as all recordings stop here. There were probably others, and we probably liked them, but we will just have to drink them again!